As long as I can remember there has been a bar debate about soccer and two of its main conflicting phylosofies. Resultadism vs Stylism. Resultadism values the direct result, sacrificing the means to achieve its result. Victory. Stylism values how victory is achived. Thus, one can opt to destroy the other teams game by using faults, deceipt or whatever means necesary. At the end, 3 points is all that matters.

The public has differnet expectations.

The arquetipes. Tactica. Cojones, Run. lucha, potencia, fisico. Agonistico. Ego. Individualismo. Tecnica, elegancia, ball runs. equipo. Sumar.

Real Madrid and Barsa have to strong personalities that are opposed in every possible way. The idiosincracia of each club is radically diferent.

Barsa, mes que un club. La masia (humble familiar house, kids grow first as persons and then as players) Really defined system. Articulated. But always remembering that each player is different and will never produce two the same. They do have arquetipes. Players in first team come from yougn divisions. Have been playing the same soccer since kids. Have been watching a team using the same system. They will eventually replace their idols. They grow and become balon de oro in the team. Coach can be a profesional-never played futbol- or an ex futboler recicled as coach. Added bonus of being a player, having grown in the system, played in Barsa... Coach can be stable, or not. Long cycles, or short. Have a set of inhouse values, that the club strives to pass on to its players. Those values have to show in the field. Cultura catalana, role as a civic goberment during civil war. Practice what to do with the ball.

Madrid. La Factoria. (they actually sell theyr players, and seldom play on the first team.) Players are stars. Really expensive and mediaticos. High profile. They were stars before they got there- buy balon de oro. Coach remplazable. The system changes with each coach. Different coach, different style. Usually big ego, values tactics. Prepotencia. Best team in history. Build by Franco to disolve complex of inferioridad. Relied in the best players. All foreign players. Incidently, that affected the national selection. Spain had the best team, but its players without its starts did not equal a strong national team. That made that most spanish people, instead of feeling pride of the national team, the replaced it with pride for RM. It was the team of all Spanish. Most kids were, first of RM cose is the best, then X team cose my city. Practice physicall condition.