Pulling Ropes

Building software always starts with a problem. If we make an analogy and think of this problem as a rock that needs to be transported, then we can depict the following history.

To move a rock, you can throw it or if its too big to grip you can push it. To push it effectively, you need skills. You can use a rope, the strongest your skills, the strongest the rope.

If the rope represents a force vector applied to the rock, we can move the rock towards the identified goal, or solution.

For heavy rocks, you might want to try the addtive approach.

Since its physically imposible for to solid entities to ocuppy the same space at the same time, each individual pulling needs its own personal space to pull comfortabely. The size of the circle an individual needs to feel confortable pulling increases with that persons ego. Ego is then the radious of this circle.

If you want to get the most effective vector out of adding two individual pulling efforts, those vectors would ideally be parallel. Since we have the personal sphere, to aling them the smallest the ego ratio the most effective. Ego determines the angle of separation between pulling forces.

A team would thread their own ropes to build a stronger rope, and all pull from the same.

A leader-SM- has to have the sensivility to feel if everybody is pulling in the same direction and doing the same effort. The freedom and guts to stop pulling and temporarily compensate here and there to ensure balance.

The longest the goal is from the rock, and the heavir the rock is the more resources you need to acomplish sustainable movement. The need of a director, someone ensuring the right direction is needed. It has a smaller rope, lighter, and should pull enough to slightly nodge the efforts toward the right path.

Its a wonderful filling to work hard, feel how the rock moves and see the goal closer.

If you hand a wip to anyone, you go from team work towards a clear goal to a bliblical story placed in egipt.