Composer Import Old Libs

Let's say that you need to use an old library that is no longer mantained or simply not using composer.

So, composer provides an autoloader. It handles 3 types of methods, PSR-0, classmap, and files.

In your composer.json file, you can define a package json file inline inside the repositories...

"repositories": [
    "type": "package",
    "package": {
        "name": "csphere/githubwrapper",
        "version": "0.0.1",
        "autoload": {"classmap": ["githuboauth.class.php"]},
        "source": {
            "url": "git://",
            "type": "git",
            "reference": "master"

And then, the require:

"require": {
        "csphere/githubwrapper": "0.0.*"