Php Array Filter by Key

How to filter arrays in PHP by key

Assuming we have an array with keys we want to retrieve from $_REQUEST

$allowed = array('mac', 'name', 'description');

What would be the best way to filter $_REQUEST based on $allowed keys?

The simplest would be to use:

$out = array_intersect_key($_REQEST, array_flip($allowed));

Other implementations

One solution would be to loop through the keys array and save the values of the source array in an output array. Sounds complicated already

$out = array();
foreach($allowed as $key)
    if(!array_key_exists($key, $_REQEST)) continue;
    $out[$key] = $_REQUEST[$key];
print_r($out) //Array ( [a] => 1 [d] => 4 )

If we wanted to use a closure, and one of the array methods, we could try with array_fiter:

$out = array();
$filter = function($key) use($_REQUEST, &$out){
    if(array_key_exists($key, $_REQUEST))
        $out[$key] = $_REQUEST[$key];
array_walk($allowed, $filter);
print_r($out) //Array ( [a] => 1 [d] => 4 )