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Rewrite the code in this article mvc-with-js to refactor it and express a simpler way of doing things.

MVC is a design pattern that breaks an application in three layers:

Introduce conventions. A way to reduce boiler code. Introduce the path to an abstraction. How we go from the article to an implementation where we have an interface. The View provides two methods:

View.prototype.listensTo = function(){
    return this.eventList;

View.prototype.onSystemEvent = function(event){
    var handler = 'on' + event.type.capitalize();

The Proxy - ViewController, Mediator or Presenter class listens for System wide events, and acts as a translation layer. That is easier to justify on larger systems. In a small application, it could be as simple as a method on the Application level, that manages the wiring.

Application.prototype.registerView = function(view){
    var events = view.listensTo();
    events.forEach(function(e, i, a){
        this.emmiter.on(e, view.onSystemevent.bind(view));
    }, this);

A View's responsability

In this article, a view's responsability, the author introduces the idea of a view's responsability, gives us some compelings reasons why this is a good idea, and then lists the duties:

I would argue that actually, the responsabilities are:

Views should wrap a UI control

Thats it. Maybe, the term View is confusing. I think of it as Content View.

If we break a view in subtypes, we can have- another- list:

  1. Layout View
  2. Theme View
  3. Content View I would say that 1,2 should be offhanded to the browser HTML/CSS.