Nodejs Sailsjs Forever

Run sails with forever.

Install forever:

npm install forever -g

Assuming you already have sails installed and have created an app, cd to the root directory of your app.

Add a .foreverignore, using nano:

nano .foreverignore

List files to be ignored by forever on relaod:


NOTE: If you installed sails globally, you need to make it available into your Sails application

You don't sails lift, you use:

forever -w start app.js

It will run in the background, to see forever running apps:

forever list

To stop the sails application:

forever stop app.js

NOTE: If you have multiple running applications with the same name, you will have to address them by it's forever index:

forever list
data:        uid  command             script forever pid   logfile                            uptime      
data:    [0] UAGg /usr/local/bin/node app.js 29221   29243 /Users/goliatone/.forever/UAGg.log 0:0:0:1.653

The index is the number between the square brackets.