Raspberry Pi Command Not Found

Raspberry Pi: command not found

I was trying to use a BLE dongle with a raspberry pi, and got this error:

sudo: hcidump: command not found


There is a package command-not-found that provides help.

$ sudo apt-get install command-not-found

After you install it, you need to update the database:

$ sudo update-command-not-found

sudo hcidump --raw & sudo hcitool lescan

sudo apt-get install bluez-utils bluez-compat bluez-hcidump libusb-dev libbluetooth-dev

sudo apt-get install bluez-utils blueman bluez-hcidump python-bluez

sudo ./ibeacon 950 e2c56db5dffb48d2b060d0f5a71096e0 111 1 -49