Raspberry Pi Assign Local Domain

Instead of accessing a Raspberry Pi by it's IP address I find it easier to assign it a .local domain.

I work on a Mac which comes with Bonjour. On the Raspberry Pi I use Avahi.

Fist update your pi:

$ sudo apt-get update

Installing Avahi is as simple as typing the following command from your RPI's terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

After installation you don't have to reboot the Raspberry Pi, it will answer to local network queries for its hostname at raspberrypi.local.

Change hostname

If you want to change the default hostname of your Raspberry Pi from raspberrypi to something else you need to first change the hostname.

Open the hostname file:

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Change raspberrypi to whatever you want- as an example I will use minipi.

The next step is to edit the hosts file:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

And then, find the line that declares the hostname:   raspberrypi

Change it to whatever you used before:   minipi

Next, we need to commit the changes:

sudo /etc/init.d/hostname.sh

NOTE: You might get an error after executing the previous command:

sudo: unable to resolve host raspberrypi

Validation, it can't resolve the old name since we changed it.

If you run the hostname command you should see printed the new name in the terminal:

$ hostname

And reboot the machine:

sudo reboot

From your main computer, you can now you should be able to ssh into the box using the local domain:

ssh pi@minipi.local